Hokuriku Railway 03 Series



All the necessary dependencies are included in the pack or are avaible on the DLS (for example, the bogeys), except for the pantographs, wich must be downloaded from Rizky’s website (jirctrainz.com – they’re included in the “freeware EMU packs”).


As of now, the third, last and least expected railway to buy withdrawn 03 Series trains has been the Hokuriku Railway, wich plans to buy five 2-car sets to replace its 8000 Series (ex-Keio Inokashira Line 3000 Series trains from 1962) on the Asanogawa Line by 2023.

After undergoing a conversion work nearly identical to the one made on the Kumaden trains (one notable difference being that the pantographs fitted were of the older scissor type, taken from intermediate 03 Series cars, instead of the more modern single-arm type), the first of Hokuriku Railway’s new trains, wich will keep the “03 Series” classification, arrived on the railway’s tracks on the 11th of January 2020, and after being re-liveried (the Hibiya Line gray of side band was changed to the strong orange color of Hokuriku Railway), the first set entered regular service on the 21st of December.

Tokyo Metro still has plenty of 03 Series trains in storage, meaning that there’s still the chance of a third-sector railway taking an interest in these humble, but reliable trains.



Currently, there are rumors about Hokuriku Railway considering to buy ex-Marunouchi Line 02 Series as well, for use on the Ishikawa Line, wich is electrified at 600V DC (unlike the Asanogawa Line, wich runs at 1500V DC).