JR Freight DE10 diesel locomotive pack

Made in collaboration with TreinspotterJeffrey/Sanyo J

From left to right: JR Freight livery (warm and cold region versions), JR Freight blue livery (warm and cold region versions), JR Freight livery “wide white line” variant (DE10 1073), EF67-style livery (DE10 1045) and “Kansai Logistics” livery (DE10 1082)



All the necessary dependencies are either included in this package or are avaible on the DLS.


Out of the 151 DE10s inherited by JR Freight in 1987, 83 (more than half) were still in service as of the 1st of April 2020, being split between the depots of Sendai (10 units), Higashi-Niigata (11 units), Tsurumi (4 units for services in the Tokyo Area), Aichi (9 units for services around Nagoya), Okayama (13 units) and Moji (6 units for Kyushu services).


Most of JR Freight’s DE10s have been repainted in the company’s red and gray livery, but some can still be found in the JNR-era livery or in the blue livery initially applied to refurbished locomotives. Some DE10s designated for shunting duties only were also repainted in a very unusual reddish-purple livery with yellow fronts, and until very recently, were a common sight in marshalling yards such as the one in Sapporo or Omuta. Nowdays all the locomotives carrying this livery have been withdrawn, being replaced by the much more modern HD300s and DD200s.


Besides these, there are three locomotives with a “one-off” livery: DE10 1073 (commonly seen around Hachioji) is fitted in the JR Freight livery, but with an unusually large white line; DE10 1045, assigned to the Yonago depot in Hiroshima was fitted in a red and yellow livery mirroring the one used on the EF67 banking locomotives, wich share the same depot.


Finally, DE10 1082 was fitted with an unusual “blueish-green” livery with yellow bands (quite reminescent of the livery applied to Jugoslavian diesel locomotives such as the JZ 661 and 664 classes). This unit is actually owned by the “Kansai Logistics” company (a subsidiary of JR Freight – the locomotive bears both the “KL” and “JR” logos) and was operated on shunting duties in the Osaka marshalling yard until the 15th of June 2020, when it was withdrawn.


Currently, given the age of the locomotives (the “youngest” one is altleast 43 years old!) JR Freight is planning to replace the DE10s with both the hybrid (and expensive) HD-300s and with the conventional diesel-only (and slightly cheaper) DD200s, but for the forseeable future, DE10s will remain a common sight along the japanese railways.