Kosaka Smelting & Refining DD130



This is a reskin of Keimei’s JNR DD13 Diesel Locomotive avaible on the DLS. All the dependencies used in this model are the original ones.


Between 1967 and 1968, the Hanaoka Railway bought three DD130 Diesel locomotives to increase the capacity of the recently-regauged Hanaoka Line.

Manufactured by Kisha Seizo and based on the DD13 diesel locomotives built at the same time for JNR, the three DD130s entered service in the same year, hauling coal trains from the mine and back.

In 1989, with the reorganization of the line, the three DD130s, now owned by Kosaka Smelting&Refining Co., were repurposed to haul sulphuric acid trains to the Kosaka plant until the line was closed in 2009.


Currently, all three DD130s have been preserved in operational condition at the Kosaka Rail Park, a museum dedicated to the Kosaka Railway (and located on the site of the former Kosaka station), where visitors can also try their hand at driving one for a few meters on the station’s tracks!