Mitsubishi Ohyubari Railway DL55



This is a reskin of Keimei’s JNR DD13 Diesel Locomotive avaible on the DLS. All the dependencies used in this model are the original ones.


To replace the steam locomotives in use until then, in 1973 the Mitsubishi Ohyubari Railway bought three diesel locomotives, classified DL55. Manufactured by Mitsubishi itself, and based on the DD13 class of JNR (also manufactured by Mitsubishi), they entered service in the same year.

With the closure of the line in 1987, the three DL55 were taken out of service and, as a buyer could not be found, scrapped shortly after.



The number plate of these locomotives used an unusual numbering scheme: “DL55 No.X” instead of the more conventional “DL55-X”