Tosa Kuroshio Railway 2000 Series

This is a reskin of the Ampanman 2000 Series made by Hirochi and avaible on the DLS (“JRH SHIKOKU 2000”)

All the necessary dependencies are included in this .rar, included in the original content’s package or avaible on the DLS.






In 1990, ahead of the planned start of trough-running services with JR Shikoku, the Tosa Kuroshio Railway bought one 4-car set of the 2000 Series, then JR Shikoku’s newest train (and the one to be used for inter-running services).

Identical to JR Shikoku’s ones (it even used the same liviery, with the addition of small Tosa Kuroshio Railway logos in the middle of the cars’ sides), the 4-car set composed of units 2030-2130-2230-2231 entered service in november 1990.

While being property of Tosa Kuroshio Railway, the sole 2000 Series set is based at a JR Shikoku Depot (Kochi), serviced and maintained by JR Shikoku and operated only by JR Shikoku drivers and conductors.

The JR Shikoku-style liviery was carried briefly, as this 2000 Series set was repainted by Tosa Kuroshio Railway into an anpanman-themed train in 2001 (following the success of a similar initiative by JR Shikoku the year before), and hasn’t been repainted to it’s original liviery since.