Toyama Chiho Railway 17480 Series

Part of the Tokyu 8090 & 8590 Serieses pack





As with the Tokyu 1000 Series pack, all the dependencies are either included in this pack or are avaible on the DLS, except for the pantographs wich must be downloaded from Rizky’s website (they’re included in the freeware EMU packs).


In early 2013 the Toyama Chiho Railway in Toyama Prefecture was in need of a rolling stock increase, both to replace an older train damaged by a fire and to provide more capacity ahead of the Hokuriku Shinkansen extension to Toyama.
“Chitetsu” bought four former Oimachi Line 8590 Series cars from Tokyu Railway, wich were reformed into two 2-car sets, converted to one-man operation and reclassified “17480 Series”, using the railway’s unique numbering scheme.
Still fitted into their Oimachi Line livery, they entered service in 2013 on the company’s lines and were followed by two more 2-car sets (formed of former Denentoshi Line cars) in 2019. These too retained their Tokyu-era livery (including the “K” sticker).