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“Concesse” Railways



SEPSA (Società per l’ Esercizio di Pubblici Servizi Anonima – “Pubblic Limited Company for the Operation of Pubblic Services”) operated an isolated network of 47Km composed by two electrified urban railway lines (Cumana and Circumflegrea) in the western part of Naples. Due to financial trouble, in 2012 it was acquired by the E.A.V.


E.A.V. (Ente Autonomo Volturno), originally an hydrolectric power company, in recent years it was transformed in a pubblic company owned by the Campania Regional Government.

In 2012 it acquired all private interurban and suburban railway lines operating out of Napoli, including the Circumvesuviana, SEPSA and Alifana railways.


The Alifana Railway operated an unelectrified 80Km railway line divided in two sections (upper and lower) connecting Naples to Piedimonte Matese, with trough-services on the national railway lines.


FBV (Ferrovia Bologna-Vignola), also nicknamed “Suburbana” operated a 24Km railway line between Casalecchio and Vignola (with trough-services up to Bologna), re-opened in 2003 (it was precedently closed in 1967). It was acquired by FER in 2009 (wich was restructured into TPER in 2012).