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National Railways

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Japanese National Railways – (1949 to 1987 – privatized into the JR Group)

The beloved national railway company of Japan, reorganized from the Japanese Governemt Railways in 1949 by order of the SCAP (the Supreme Command of the Allied occupation forces in JaPan) and privatized in 1987, forming the present-day JR group.


Japanese Government Railways (Ministry of Transportation) – (1920 to 1949- reorganized into JNR)

Created in 1920 from the merger of the 17 railway companies nationalised in 1906, the Japanese Government Railways were in fact a subdivision of (and directly adminisrtated by) the Ministry of Transport.

After the war, they were reorganized by order of the SCAP (the Supreme Command of the Allied occupation forces in JaPan), forming the Japanese National Railways.




Teito Rapid Transit Authority (restructured into Tokyo Metro in 2004).

Formerly the main subway company of Tokyo, it was administrated by the Ministry of Transport. It ran 8 lines between it’s formation in 1941 and it’s restructuration in 2004.


Tokyo Metro

Formed with the restructuration of the Teito Rapid Transit Authority, Tokyo Metro innherited it’s predecessor’s 8 lines, and opened a ninth one – the Fukutoshin Line – in 2008.


Tokyo Metropolitan Government – Bureau of Transportation

Nicknamed “Toei”, it operates four out of 13 subway lines in Tokyo. A department of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, it also operates the Arakawa Tramway line, Tokyo’s Buses and several people movers.


Osaka Municipal Bureau of Transportation (restructured into Osaka Metro in 2018)

Operated the Osaka Municipal Subway from it’s opening in 1935 to 2018, when the subway operations were transferred to the private “Osaka Metro” company.



Major Private Railways

Tobu Railway

A major private railway serving northern Kanto, including the Nikko and Utsunomiya areas, operating the second-larges private railway network in Japan.


Tokyu Railway

A wealthy major railway company serving south-eastern Tokyo and connecting Shibuya to Yokohama.


Hanshin Electric Railway

A major railway company connecting Osaka and Kobe via Amagasaki, known for its “Jet-Cars”



Third-Sector Railways

Rapid Railways


Yokohama Minatomirai Rapid Railway

A subsidiary of Tokyu Corporaiton, it operates the all-underground Yokohama Minatomirai Line, opened in 2004. 



Rural Railways


Nagano Electric Railway

A small mountain railway running a single line in Nagano prefecture, a renmant of a once larger network.


Tosa-Kuroshio Railway

A railway company managed by the Prefectural Government of Kochi Prefecture, running a 112Km-long, non-electrified network composed of three lines in southern Shikoku.


Towada Kanko Electric Railway

A now-abandoned rural railway wich operated a 15Km line in eastern Aomori prefecture, closed in 2012.


Kashima Railway

A now-abandoned, 27km-long non-electrified railway line in Ibaraki Prefecture connecting Ishioka to Hokota, closed in 2007.


Industrial Railways

Mitsubishi Ohyubari Railway

A now-abandoned 17.7Km long non-electrified railway line serving the Ohyubari coal mines in Hokkaido.

Owned by the Mitsubishi conglomerate, it was closed in 1987.


Nagoya Rinkai Railway

A small railway opened in 1965 to serve the port of Nagoya, composed of an 11.3Km-long mainline with four branches.


Kosaka Smelting & Refining Co.


Keiyo Rinkai Railway


Fukushima Rinkai Railway