Fukushima Kotsu 1000 Series



All the dependencies are included in the package or are avaible on the DLS, except for the pantorgraphs, wich must be downloaded from Rizky’s website (jirctrainz.com). They’re included in the freeware EMU packs (such as the 201-205 Series one)


Replacing the 7000s (AGAIN).

The last company to buy second-hand 1000 Series cars was Fukushima Kotsu, wich acquired four 2-car sets and two 3-car sets in 2016 (all of them were converted from MoHa intermediate cars). Re-numbered (you guessed it) “1000 Series”, they entered service in 2017 to replace the 7000 Series (an ex-Tokyu 7000 Series too), with all 7000s being retired in 2019 (except one set being kept as spare or for events).