Izuhakone Railway 1300 Series

Left: Seibu “revival” livery (set No.1), Right: “standard” Izuhakone Railway livery (set No.2)


All the necessary dependencies are included in this .rar, included or are avaible on the DLS.






These were introduced in 2008 to replace the ageing 1100 Series (former Seibu 701 Series trains) on Izuhakone Railway’s Sunzu Line. One 4-car set and one 2-car set were purchased at a preferential price from Seibu Railway (Izuhakone Railway is part of the Seibu group) and were subsequently converted to form two 3-car sets.

Both sets entered service on the 14th of December 2008, fitted in Izuhakone Railway’s blue and white livery. Besides the “re-formation” works, the two former New 101 Series sets (reclassified as 1300 Series sets 1 and 2) were also adapted for one-man operation. As of today, both sets are still in service, having replaced the last 1100 Series set in 2012.

Set no.2 is still painted in it’s “standard” Izuhakone Railway blue-white livery, while Set no.1 has been repainted in 2014 in a “revival” livery of the New 101 Series’ original Seibu yellow livery with tan window bands and has been running painted as such ever since.