JR East DE10 – ”Sylpheed” livery



All the necessary dependencies are either included in this package or are avaible on the DLS.


Depsite the very JR Hokkaido-esque livery, DE10 1701 is a JR East locomotive in all ways. This locomotive was assigned to haul the “Sylpheed” joyful train (a name derived from the spirits of the wind of germanic mythology), formed of a specially-converted 485 Series 3-car set AC/DC multivoltage electric multiple unit on non-electrified lines.

The Sylpheed train operated around Niigata prefecture, beginning services in 1990. Obviously on electrified lines the 485 Series opertaded under it’s own power – DE10 1701 was coupled only when needed, such as for services on the non-electrified portions of the Ban’etsu Line or the Tadami Line.

In 2001, the Sylpheed 485 Series was restructured and renamed as the “No.Do.Ka.” Joyful train, and a few years later services on non-electrified lines were ended as well. Finally, in 2017 the No.Do.Ka. was retired from service and subsequently scrapped.

DE10 1701 remained in use as the Sylpheed and later the No.Do.Ka. designated diesel locomotive until atleas 2002, when the former services on non-electrified lines were curtailed. In 2005 the locomotive was repainted in the standard DE10 red-and-white livery after an overhaul at JR East’s Omiya works. It’s current whereabouts are unknown, but it has been probably scrapped.

Besides acting as the dedicated diesel locomotive for both the Sylpheed and later the No.Do.Ka, DE10 1701 was also on other Joyful trains services, formed of converted passenger cars (usually 12 Series coaches) and also sometimes ran a few maintainance or even inspection trains as well.