JR East

JR East is one of the main companies of the JR Group. Formed in 1987, with the privatization of the National Railways, it operates from north of mount Fuji, all the way up to the Tsugaru Strait, including the fundamental Tokyo Metropolitan area and the Kanto, Tohoku and Koshin’etsu (Northeastern Chubu, around Niigata) rural areas.

Depsite not being the wealthiest or more profitable (wich would be JR Central, due to the Tokaido Shinkansen), JR East is still one of (if not the) most important railway company of Japan, and depsite having the longest Shinkansen network of the JR Group, JR East’s main source of income comes from commuter trains moving people in, out and trough the vast Greater Tokyo Metropolitan Area.

Among it’s staggering 83 subsidiaries, (including IT companies, real estate, retail, hotel and resturant businneses) there’s J-TREC (former Tokyu Car Co.), one of Japan’s main rolling stock manufacturers, and Tokyo Monorail.





Tohoku Shinkansen





Tokyo Area main urban, suburban and commuter lines


Yamanote Line






Keihin-Tohoku Line, Negishi Line  (trough-services between the two)






Chuo Line 

Rapid Service (Tokyo to Takao, some services up to Otsuki)



Chuo Main Line “Eastern Section” (Takao to Shiojiri, some services down to Tachikawa)





Fuji Excursion and charter trains




Chuo-Sobu Line













Trough-Services with the Tozai Subway Line






Saikyo Line (some trough-services with the Kawagoe Line, the TWR Rinkai Line and the Sotetsu Railway)




Tokaido Main Line (Rapid Service), Ito Line






Yokosuka Line, Sobu Line Rapid Service

“regular” trains





Sanzami, Wakashio, Shiosai and Ayame limited express services




Joban Line Rapid Service (trough-services with the Narita Line up to Chiba)

1500v DC-only commuter EMUs (Ueno-Toride section only)



Trough-services with the Chiyoda Subway Line (1500v DC Ayase-Toride section only)



Suburban multivoltage EMUs (1500v DC / 20Kv 50hz AC)






Yokohama Line (some trough-services with the Negishi Line)




Nambu Line






Keiyo Line (trough-service with the Musashino Line)










Musashino Line (some trough-services with the Keiyo and Chuo Rapid Lines)

Local Services











“Musashino” Rapid Service








Tokyo Area secondary commuter, suburban and local lines


Kawagoe and Hachiko Lines








Sagami Line




Tsurumi Line




Sotobo, Uchibo and Kashima Lines

“regular” trains



Limited express trains




Narita Line (trough-services with the Joban Line and the Kashima Line)






Ryomo, Joetsu and Takasaki Lines




Utsunomiya Line

(1500v DC Utsunomiya to Kuroiso section only)








Nikko Line






Tohoku Area


Joban Line, Tohoku Main Line and related branchlines




Senseki Line (1500v DC)








Nagano Area


Shin’etsu Main Line, Chuo Main Line, Shinonoi Line, Oito Line












Niigata Area


Shin’etsu Main Line, Echigo Line, Hakushin Line












Yahiko Line







Diesel Locomotives















Non-Revenue-earning rolling stock











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