JR Kyushu DE10 Diesel locomotive – black livery units



All the necessary dependencies are either included in this package or are avaible on the DLS.


These are part of a small select group of a few locomotives (anong those, there are units 1753, 1755 and 1756 – the latter two being the DE10s that hauled the “Ariake” on non-electrified lines) were repainted in a very dark brown livery with golden or orange handrails, based on the one of the famous “Seven Stars in Kyushu” luxury cruise train. These are actually intended to haul the Seven Stars’ passenger coaches from stabling to the platforms at Hakata station and vice-versa as the train’s propietary DF200-7000 diesel locomotive is stabled at different depot than the cars’ one. However, due to the very infrequent schedule of the Seven Stars, the dedicated DE10s spend most of the time doing nothing at all, and are thus more commonly found hauling all kinds of empty stock, maintainance trains or even running other tourist trains as well.