JR Kyushu


JR Kyushu, as the name says, operates exclusively on Kyushu Island, with a conventional network around 2000 Km long (of wich, more than half is electrified – the vast majority at 20Kv 60Hz AC, and the sole Chikuhi Line at 1500v DC) and 288Km of the Kyushu Shinkansen, wich crosses the whole of Kyushu Island, from Fukuoka (Hakata Station) in the north, to Kagoshima in the southernmost tip.

JR Kyushu is famous for it’s flashy and unconventional rolling stock design choices: famous industrial designer Eiji Mitooka is actually the company’s main design consultant, and has designed (aesthetically-wise) almost all of JR Kyushu’s trains since 1992, beginning with the 787 Series express EMU for “Tsubame” services.

One of the very distinctive traits of Mr. Mitooka’s design choices (and consequently, of most of JR Kyushu’s stock) is the abundant use of english words for a purely decorative role.

JR Kyushu is also famous for operating several tourist trains, among them, there’s the “Seven Stars In Kyushu”, a very expensive super-luxory cruise train, and the “SL Hitoyoshi” excurison train, wich is hauled by a 8620-class steam locomotive.

Like the other three “Island” JR companies, JR Kyushu operates limited intra-city services, as such the bulk of it’s commuter EMUs are used on suburban and local services.



JR Kyushu is the only JR Group company that has never had any double-decker coaches.



20Kv 60Hz AC Electric Multiple Units

Limited express services








Suburban and local services

Kagoshima Main Line

AC/DC trains






AC-only trains






Nippo Main Line

Whole line





Kokura-Usa section only






Nagasaki Main Line, Sasebo Line

Whole line







Tosu to Hizen-Oura section only




Fukuhoku-Yutaka Line




Diesel Locomotives



















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