JR West 485 Series ”Shisaragi” Livery



This is a reskin of Keinchiro’s 485 Series upgraded by Hirochi and modified by Rizky_Adiputra. All the necessary dependencies are included in this package or are avaible on the DLS.


This livery was introduced on 485 Series operating the “Shisaragi” services (Nagoya to Toyama) in 2001, replacing the old JNR-era standard red-cream one for Limited Express trains.

The livery was essentially identical to the “Hakutaka” one used on JR West’s 485 Series trains running on the Hokuetsu Express Hokuhoku Line, but with dark blue in place of grey and yellow in place of blue. In total, 10 sets were fitted with the “Shisaragi” livery: seven 7-car sets and three 3-car sets, the latter of wich ran coupled with the 7-car sets to increase the train’s capcacity.


However, this livery was very short-lived, as in 2003 all “Shisaragi” services were transferred to the much modern 681 Series, with all “Shisaragi” livery 485 Series set being withdrawn shortly afterwards.