JR West-Sagano Scenic Railway DE10 Diesel locomotive



All the necessary dependencies are either included in this package or are avaible on the DLS.


While the famous Sagano Scenic Railway does own it’s proper DE10, no.1104, JR West also has another DE10 fitted in the Sagano Scenic Railway’s livery: this is DE10 1156, wich as a general matter is intended to actually replace DE10 1104 when needed. Unlike other locomotives in regular service, DE10 1156 is not stabled at a depot, but rather at the Kyoto Railway Museum! This is because when it is not used on the Sagano Scenic Railway, DE10 1156 is actually tasked with assisting or moving steam locomotives and other rolling stock to, from and within the museums’ premises. Furthemore, like many other “special use” DE10s, DE10 1156 may also be commonly seen hauling maintainance trains or empty stock anywhere in the Kansai area.