United States – Commuter railroads



NJT – New Jersey Transit

Formed in 1979, NJT is one of the largest statewide transit operators in the United States, operating almost the entirety of pubblic transit services in the state of New Jersey. It runs a 529,967 miles (852,9Km) long commuter railroad network formed by 12 lines and partially electrified, operated by a variegated fleet of 100 diesel locomotives, 61 electric locomotives and 230 electric multiple units, wich is complemented by three light rail systems (in Newark, Hudson-Bergen and the “River Line”) plus a dense network of 871 bus routes served by 2477 vehicles.




SEPTA – Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority

SEPTA operates an extensive 720Km-long network serving Philadelphia and the surrounding counties, formed of the five main pubblic transportation types of vechicles: Busses, Trolleybusses, Tramways (including two conventional tramway-type interurban routes and an unique third-rail powered one, the Norristown High-Speed Line), a two-line subway network totalling 63Km and an extensive fully-electrified 450Km-long “Regional Rail” mainline commuter network¬†