JR East 209-3000 Series – Kawagoe & Hachiko Lines

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Finally, a third “line” got the 209 Series early on: the Kawagoe and Hachiko Lines. These two are technically separate lines, but are operated jointly: officially the Kawagoe Line runs from Kawagoe to Komagawa, and the Hachiko Line runs from Takasaki to Hachioji via Komagawa. However, in reality, services are mostly run between Kawgoe and Hachioji via Komagawa (hence the “Kawagoe and Hachioji” Lines moniker) and separately between Komagawa and Takasaki.

The Kawagoe Line had been electrified at 1500v DC between Kawagoe and Komagawa in 1985 and had been operated until then by a fleet 103-3000 Series trains, wich were newly-manufactured 103 Series-style bodyshell using equipment salvaged from old JNR type EMUs such as the 72 Series. In 1996 the remaining Hachiko Line section between Komagawa and Hachioji was electrified, enabling trough services between the two, from Kawagoe to Hachioji.
To replace the KiHa 35 DMUs used until then, JR East decided to introduce it’s then brand-new commuter train design, the 209 Series, but specially adapted to the needs of the Kawagoe and Hachiko Lines, with the main difference being the fitting of passenger-operated doors.


The new trains, classified as the 209-3000 Series were delivered starting from 1996, with a total of four 4-car sets being allocated to Kawagoe depot. These entered service with the start of electrified services on the 16th of March 1996.
Like their 209-0 Series siblings, the 209-3000 Series lived a tranquil life until recently, when it began to be replaced (togheter with the rest of the line’s rollig stock) by 209-500 and E231-0 Series trains surplus from the Chuo-Sobu Line, wich had been displaced by the ex-Yamanote Line E231-500 Series, itself displaced by the newly introduced E235 Series. Classified as the 209-3500 and E231-3000 Serieses, the two series were introduced on the Kawagoe and Hachiko Lines in early 2018, and began replacing all the trains operating on that line, with the 209-3000 Series being no execption, with the last set being retired in February 2019.


With the introduction of the 209-3000 Series, in 1996 it became possible to go from Omiya to Kawagoe, taking the “long way around” via Kawasaki and Hachioji, using only 209 Series trains.