Legacy add-ons

Over time, as my modelling skills improve, some of my older models and reskin might become no longer on par with the rest of my production, and thus and in need of a general makeover or even a complete from-scratch re-modelling – in the case of the latter, a change of Kuid is inevitable.

Of course, once available the new versions will replace the older ones on the “main pages” of my website, however, the older ones will not be immediately deleted as they might still be needed by someone – perhaps these old versions where used in session designing, and thus are still required downloads least the fastidious “Missing Dependencies” notice will appear.

This page exist for that exact reason – to keep older Kuids available in some manner.

Ideally, older versions are meant to be kept temporarily, until all those who have used them in their sessions and routes will switch to newer content.

In practice however, the content listed here will remain available until there’s space on my google drive account for newer content. If said space will ever run out, the content listed here will be shortlisted for deletion.



Tokyu Railway










Yokohama Minatomirai Railway