JR West 113 and 115 Serieses Mixed Consists



This is a consist-only pack: in order for it to work properly, you must install first ALL of the following 113 and 115 Serieses packs:

In case of missing dependencies, download this.


After the 2005 Fukuchiyama Line derailment, as an emergency mesaure JR West took out of service the 207 Series fleet (and all the many other trains lacking ATS-P) to retrofit them, meanwhile recalling back the 113s and 115s that had been previously replaced, as they had already been fitted with ATS-P well before their displacement.

With such an emergency mesaure taken, JR West had to reform the recalled 113s and 115s in suitable-lenght consists, and it did, but completely disregarding the liveries; as such, for quite sometime, mixed consists of two, three and even four liveries were very common around Osaka.