Hanshin Electric Railway


The Hanshin Electric Railway is a major private railway connecting Osaka and Kobe via Amagasaki.

It runs a network just shy of 50 kilometers, of wich 32 are of the Main Line, 10 of the new Hanshin Namba line, 1.7 of the 4-stations long Mukogawa Line and an additional 5 of the Kobe Kosoku Line (of wich the trackage is owned by the third-sector “rolling-stock-less” Kobe Rapid Transit Railway, wich calls it “Tozai Line”).

Hanshin also runs trough-services with the Kintetsu Nara Line.

Known as the “Keikyu of the West” and famed for it’s famous “Jet Cars”, local service EMUs capable of a 4km/h/s accelleration, the highest of all of Japan, it’s part of the Hankyu-Hanshin Group (togheter with Hankyu Railway and it’s subsidiaries). It also owns the famous “Hanshin Tigers” professional baseball team.


Hanshin Main Line








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