Tokyu Corporation


Tokyu Corporation (sometimes also called “Tokyu Railway”) is a major railway operating a 7-line, 100Km long commuter railway network in south-eastern Tokyo, centered on Shibuya station.

Tokyu railway trains have inter-running services on the Hanzomon, Namboku and Fukutoshin Subway Lines (and also formerly on the Hibiya Line), on Tobu and Seibu railways and on the Saitama Rapid Railway and the  Yokohama Minatomirai Rapid Railway (of wich, Tokyu Railway is the major shareolder).

It’s an incredibly wealthy company, having developed several new towns along it’s lines (especially the Denentoshi Line) to attract more passengers. It’s also the key component of the Tokyu Group, a conglomerate developed from the railway itself, wich manages real estate around the Tokyu Railway Lines, two smaller railway companies (Ueda Kotsu and Izukyuko Railway), “Tokyu Hands”, a department store chain operating in Japan and overseas and several others businesses, including bus operators, leisure companies and construction agencies.

It also owned the Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts company (sold to UOL Limited), the JAS air company (merged with JAL), the Shiriyoka departments store chain,  the Tokyu Car Company (one of the most prominent rolling stock manufacturers of Japan) and Mago Island in the pacific ocean (wich was bought by Mel Gibson).

It also founded the “Toyoko Eiga” in 1938, wich would become the Toei Animation company in 1951.

The “Tokyu” name is a contraption of “Tokyo Kyuko” (“Tokyo Rapid Railway”).



Toyoko Line (trough-services with the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line, the Seibu Ikebukuro Line and the Tobu Tojo Line)










Denentoshi Line  (trough-services with the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line and the Tobu Skytree Line)






Oimachi Line






Meguro Line  (trough-services with the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line, the Toei Mita Line and the Saitama Rapid Railway Line)




Tamagawa Line






Ikegami Line






Mekama Line  (split into the Meguro and Tamagawa lines in 2000)




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